Ben Broeders

Sportzot Ben Broeders

Pole vaulting & Sportzot 

Ben Broeders is a Belgian pole vaulter who has already won several Belgian titles and even holds the current Belgian record. This Sportzot is always raising the bar and is ready to break records. 

"Pole vaulting for me is a sport where speed, strength, coordination and acrobatics all come together. Perhaps the craziest sport there is? All this gives me the ultimate challenge to push myself and do everything I can to reach the top. Finding relaxation in that tension is very important as every top athlete knows and that's where a cold Sportzot comes in!" 

Crazy achievements 

  • 2017: 1st place at the European Championships  

  • 2021: 18th place at the Summer Olympics  

  • 2022: 1st place at the Belgian Championships & Meeting de Paris

  • 2023: 1st place at the Belgian Championships Indoor